i. The Woods Where Autumn Is Reversed
    Untitled 2020-2021 circulates around my brother aquiring the property of my Greek-Austrian neighbour and my recieving the material remains of four generations who lived opposite to me prior to my  existence. The house and their remains are historical testimony to the inseperable past of cultural reverence for the Habsburg Empire and Catholicism as well as ephemerality and the fear of passing.

The purpose of my thesis entails an evaluation of the physical, metaphysical and idelogical remains through my personal subjective perception. As well as a philosophicial visual engagement of the dichotomy between death as the intelligible and the empirical sublime existence.

ii. Bekanntschaft mit der transzendentalen Säule
     Bekanntschaft mit der transzendentalen Säule (engl. acquainting with the transcendental column) is an interaction with my partial childhood in Styria and cognition of metaphysical companionship in the mountains. Created for transitional periods between seasons (Übergangswetter), the clothing serves as sleepwear, outerwear and leisurewear. It assists capriciousness of activities in the Alps.

iii. Ausweidung

       Ausweidung (engl. evisceration) is a project emphasizing the importance of emotional outlets and the relevance the Wiener Aktionismus has today. By gaining an understanding of non-verbal purging of emotional constraints, attempting to generate a communal experience of confrontation and eventual acceptance rather than engaging in the present system of hyper-positivity.
Examining denominators of alienation and tracing back Katharsis to its ancient Greek roots, combating the social disregard of a valuable asset by ridiculing and condemning its provocative nature.

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