i. There Have to be Bells
Galerie nächst St. Stephan, 2024 (solo)

ii. Buried in Thought
Galerie nächst St. Stephan, SPARK Art Fair, 2024 (solo)
1st prize; “Best emerging Vienna-based position” from SPARK Art Fair and WIEN LIVE

iii. September
University of Vienna
Faculty of Catholic Theology, Department for Biblical Studies, 2023 (solo)

iv. She Only Likes Violence
Galerie D., 2022 (solo)

v. She Only Likes Violence 21éme Rue
interview between Sam Mackiewicz and Konstanze Stoiber, 2022

Born and based in Vienna, Austria, the practice of Konstanze Stoiber moves between painting, garments, video and photography. Stoiber draws upon references of fallen systems, dissecting the remnants of the Monarchy and Christianity in Austria. An analysis of extremes – sublimity and violence in power structures and their self-contradicting nature. Her focus lies on shifts in identity-forming and societal rituals in light of secularisation. Stoiber therefore questions the influence of religious artefacts, symbols and sites on current-day European society.